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Why Us

Numerous studies have concluded that ready access to transportation options, whether they be private or public, is vital to maintaining and enhancing a satisfactory quality of life. People are living longer today than ever before.

Over the next two decades, the percentage of the population over the age of sixty five will be higher than at any point in the country's history. Services such as those provided to clients by SCM Elderbus will become even more vital in the years to come. In addition, our services are likely to become equally important to the families and direct caregivers of our clients.

Aging family members may be reluctant to ask others for help in carrying out everyday activities, such as grocery shopping, for fear of being viewed as a burden.

An adult child caring for an aging parent may not be able to readily take time off from work for a scheduled doctor's appointment. Having access to a safe, reliable and affordable transportation option is a winning combination for all involved. It offers a measure of independence to individuals as they age, without having to rely completely on family members for every day activities. It offers a sense of comfort for family caregivers, knowing there is a reliable option available to help people stay active and engaged in the communities in which they live. Transportation is the basic service provided by SCM Elderbus.

A sense of independence and self reliance, the ability to socialize and interact with others within the community, and the peace of mind resulting from the availability of a safe, reliable and affordable transportation option are all welcome byproducts of the service.

Why wait? Give us a call and experience for yourself how convenient and affordable our transportation service can be.